New England Patriots: 3 Things to Watch Against the Minnesota Vikings

The New England Patriots are coming into the week to host the Minnesota Vikings. The Patriots are coming off a win against division rival the New York Jets. Many said that Tom Brady was off and didn’t have a good game. The Vikings are coming off a division win as well as they beat the Green Bay Packers. This is the time of year where normally the Patriots get hot. Here are the 3 things to watch against the Minnesota Vikings.

1. Rex Burkhead Returns

This will help the New England Patriots. Burkhead will help James White and Sony Michel. He has not played since the Detroit Lions game in week 3. Michel and White have been good in Burkhead’s absence. The running game has been important to the Patriots. It takes the pressure off Brady and the passing game. The Patriots will need their running game if they are going to continue to the postseason.

2. Josh Gordon

The Vikings secondary is banged up. Since Gordon has become a Patriot he has been a weapon for Brady. Look for Brady to throw the ball to him. He will be mixed in with the rest of Brady’s weapons. It seemed like the offense was off last week despite the win against the Jets. Look for them to revamp the offense and try to put more points up against the Vikings.

3. Red Zone

The New England Patriots currently rank 13 in red zone efficiency. The Vikings have the number ranked defense in the red zone. The last time the Patriots faced a good red zone D it was against the Titans and we all know how that ended. The good news is Gronkowski is back and Michel will balance their attack. The Patriots cannot settle for field goals. They have to score touchdowns. To beat the Vikings, they must put up 7 points in the red zone, not 3.

The Minnesota Vikings are a good team and will challenge the New England Patriots. The Vikings have a good offense and the Patriots will be challenged on defense. The return of Burkhead will help the offense. The offense that looked sluggish last week. He will help with Gronk and Michel. Josh Gordon should have a big game. Look for this to be a close game.

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