Fantasy Football: The Lack of Preseason Changes Owners Thinking

Fantasy Football is a multi-million dollar entity. From Fan Duel to Draft Kings on the daily side to the millions of owners on the weekly side, fantasy is a money-maker. However, the NFL, their coaching staffs, and the players are changing the way owners are playing fantasy. It happens more in the early weeks and it is due to the lack of preseason play.

There are many aspects to a fantasy league. This includes waivers, trades, and injured reserves. You can play as little as six players on your roster to as many as you would like. There are even leagues that can use the individual defensive players (IDPs), the punter, and even the head coach. Nonetheless, those dynamics are not what is changing the way owners play their fantasy season.

When it comes to the preseason dynamic, teams, players, and coaches approach it differently. Although, many of your star fantasy football players do not play the preseason. Therefore, the timing and great play of some of those players is delayed. Thus causing fantasy owners to use the first four weeks of the season to analyze their draft and season.

For example, I am the co-owner of a fantasy team. The person I co-own with decided to trade away Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins within the first three weeks of the season. This was due to the way the Houston Texans and said players were playing early on. My partner felt that our roster was not strong enough with these players along with the rest of our draft. Now we are in a dogfight for the final spot in the playoffs. We may not be in this position had we not made the trade so quickly.

While many fantasy football leagues only run 13-week seasons, they now become nine-week seasons. Making the games even more meaningful for the owners. Hence, putting more importance on the waiver wire, trades, and proper lineup combos.

Therefore, the lack of the preseason is drastically changing the way fantasy football owners attack their season. With the lack of preseason play for most of the stars, the first four weeks of the fantasy football season has now taken on this role.

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