New York Giants: A win on Sunday may Offer Some Hope

The New York Giants will be playing the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. However, with The Dallas Cowboys defeating the Washington Redskins on Thursday, the Giants are not out of the division. This was not a comment that many Giants fans could have said a few weeks ago. As long as they can beat Philadelphia, then the Giants would only be two games behind Dallas for the division lead.


You could make the argument that the Giants are getting the Philadelphia Eagles at the right time. Coming into the Week 12 matchup, Philadelphia is on a two-game losing streak. They lost to the New Orleans Saints and the Cowboys in the last two weeks. The Eagles were outscored 75-27. As we have been hearing, it seems that fingers are getting pointed within the Eagles locker room. If fingers are getting pointed, then you know they won’t be on the same page on the field. On the other side, the Giants are coming into the game on a bit of winning streak. They have defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Francisco 49ers. While they aren’t the top of the NFL, it is still a win.

The Giants just need to keep doing what they have been doing the last two weeks. For starters, Eli Manning has to keep playing almost perfect football. In the win against Tampa Bay, Eli Manning went 17 for 18 with 231 yards and two touchdowns. In the win against the 49ers, Eli Manning threw three touchdowns. As long as he doesn’t make stupid moves, the Giants will have a shot. In addition, the Giants need to make sure their offensive line plays as well as it has in the last two weeks.

In the last five games, the Giants may be hitting the lucky part. They play the Chicago Bears, Redskins, Tennessee Titans, Indianapolis Colts, and Cowboys. The Redskins and Titans are having QB issues. The Colts will eventually get off this magical run they are on. The Giants have played ok in Dallas and Chicago. Pretty much it comes down to this, if the Giants can defeat the Eagles on Sunday, then you can’t rule them out of the division as they will only be two games back with five to go.

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