Florida Gators: UF Travels to Their Rival Florida State

The Florida Gators will travel to end their season. They will be up against their in-state rival the Florida State Seminoles. This game is one that is waited on by both sets of fans. The trash talking will and always will happen when these two meet. No matter where the game is being played the fans will show up to antagonize each other. The Gators don’t have a huge rival with the Miami Hurricanes. Both teams have either helped or destroyed each other seasons in the past. This year will the same the Seminoles own a 5-game winning streak. Will the Gators finally end the streak?

The Seminoles have struggled this year. The main reason has been both offensive and defensive lines. They have had a tough time protecting their quarterback. This has led to turnovers. It is hard to win games when the other team has the ball more than they do. On defense, the fans say the line is making tackles down the field. By allowing the backs and receivers to get down the field they are having trouble stopping their opponents. The Noles will have to stop the Gators on offense and defense.


The Florida Gators must try and not overlook the Seminoles. The Seminoles only have 5 wins and their bowl streak is in jeopardy. If the Gators can play as they did a week ago they should have no problem. They did play the Idaho Vandals and it was a cupcake compared to the Seminoles. Dan Mullen has the Gators moving in the right direction Willie Taggart if given time will have the Florida State moving in that direction too.

The game is and has been a great rivalry in college football. These two teams are having what most would call a down year. Normally at this time of the season, they are but ranked near the top of the rankings. The Seminoles will have the home crowd and they should use that to their advantage. Both teams will have to bring their best to beat the other. It’s the Florida classic the Gators vs Seminoles.

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