Soccer: While it’s Like Baseball, I Never got Into the Sport

I’ve been a sports fan for the majority of my life. My love for sports can go back to when I was younger. I’m mainly a fan of baseball. However, I have become a football, basketball, and hockey fan over the years as well. While I will watch pretty much any sport on TV, there’s one sport that I just don’t watch cause I can’t get into it. I’m talking about soccer. I’ve been asked a lot over the years about how I can be so much into baseball and have no interest in soccer.


What seems to boggle the minds of people who I talk to about this is they equate baseball and soccer to be on the same level. You can get a 1-0 type of game in both sports. To me, a 1-0 game in baseball is much more enjoyable than a 1-0 game in soccer. When you look at baseball, it is not so much on stats and more on analytics. I feel soccer, sometimes, is more of luck that you score a goal at the right moment. I’ve been to one soccer game as a person and that was when the New York Cosmos made their comeback. I found it interesting and fast. However, my interest ended there.

Nonetheless, if I watch a European League game I find those to be quicker. Although, I still don’t find any enjoyment in the sport. I don’t want to take away from the sport itself. I don’t take away from the sport because you need a ton of endurance to run up and down the field. You can see me watching MLB related material quite often. Typically I don’t make it a prudent thing to watch soccer unless I catch a game as I am going through the TV.

Are you a soccer fan? Do you equate it to the game of baseball? Leave a comment below.

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