Philadelphia Flyers: What Gritty Teaches Us About First Impressions

As most people know by now, the Philadelphia Flyers announced a new mascot named Gritty before the start of the 2018-19 season. When he was announced many didn’t like him, but that has now quickly changed. Gritty’s introduction teaches us a valuable lesson about first impressions.

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to practice gratitude and to appreciate those in our lives. Well, Flyers fans and the NHL as a whole would be a different place without Gritty. He’s a cuddly and furry character that brings joy to all kinds of fans at every home game for the Flyers.

Yes, his first time on the ice was rough and he came off as creepy and scary. However, he is anything but creepy and scary. He’s adorable, furry outfit and looks like a relative of the Philadelphia Phanatic. The young Flyers fans love seeing the mascot on the ice and around the stadium during games. Just like the Phanatic, Gritty brings another level of entertainment to the game experience as well.

The Philadelphia Flyers’ play on the ice hasn’t been the best this season. It’s been filled with many roller coaster moments so Gritty’s appearance at the games helps fans get through the rough moments in a game.

If we based Gritty on how fans reacted to the Flyers release of the new mascot, then he wouldn’t have been around for long. Instead, the scariness and hate for the mascot have subsided.

In fact, there’s a lesson here we can apply to people we interact with in life. Our first impression of someone most likely isn’t the person’s true self. Get to know someone and learn about them before casting judgment. The world would be a better place if we loved each other and were thankful for those in our lives more.

On this Thanksgiving take a moment to count your blessings and think of some reasons you can be grateful. One thing Flyers fans

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