NBA: The Sacramento Kings Situation Is Puzzling

Dave Joerger is not the problem with the Sacramento Kings. Again, Dave Joerger is not the problem with the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings, who are exceeding expectations this season, are in the midst of some turmoil. The front office doesn’t believe in the coach’s vision of the team. They want the younger players to gain playing time. The only issue is, that might not give the team the best chance to win.

I applaud Dave Joerger for getting what he has out of Sacramento. Not many expected this team to be a playoff contender. He’s gotten the most out of star players such as De’Aaron Fox, Buddy Hield, and Willie Cauley-Stein. What’s puzzling is the front office’s approach to playing time.

The message is clear, give more time to the younger players. In the eyes of the front office, getting the younger players more time is more important than winning games. Joerger has developed a strong roster. He’s done so by giving vets such as Nemanja Bjelica, Iman Shumpert, and Kosta Koufos, playing time that extends 15 minutes, and in some cases over 25 minutes.

Ideally, the front office wants Joerger to give Koufos minutes to Skal Labissiere, Bjelica’s court time to Marvin Bagley, and Shumpert’s action to Bogdan Bogdanovic and Frank Mason. Doing so might make the Kings a weaker team. Joerger isn’t a slouch as coach. He’s playing the best roster he can to win games. That’s what you’re supposed to do in the NBA.


Obviously, guys like Shumpert (an NBA Champ) and Bjelica aren’t the reason you’re going to win games. Although, having veterans on the court does help the younger guys. It’s not like Joerger is playing Zach Randolph. The veterans and older guys he has on the court actually help the Kings win

This isn’t a situation like Cleveland. The Cavs are an awful team and have no shot at the playoffs. In that instance, it makes perfect sense to play young and tank. Sacramento is the opposite of the Cavs. They have a chance at the playoffs and need to play the best roster they can, not develop the young guys.

If I’m Vlade Divac (Sacramento Kings General Manager) I’d try to trade some of the younger guys. Whether it be Labissiere, Mason, or Justin Jackson to a team looking to trade pieces to contenders (Cavs, Wizards, Suns, Hawks). Go out and get a Kevin Love, Markieff Morris, Kent Bazemore, or Ryan Anderson. Add a player that can actually contribute, rather than one who will sit on the bench because other players have taken their spot.

It’s a strange situation in Sacramento. The Kings organization has been so allergic to winning these past few years. They’ve finally got a chance to win, and the head coach is being told to lose. It doesn’t make sense, especially for a team that’s knocking on the playoff door.

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