Tampa Bay Rays: Blake Snell Wins Cy Young Award

The Tampa Bay Rays had a great season. The Rays were not supposed to win more than 76 games. They would go on to win 90. There were many reasons and players that lead to a miraculous ending. Manager Kevin Cash was a finalist for manager of the year. During Spring training, he decided that he was going to have what is called a bullpen day. He would use his bullpen pitchers for the entire game. He also had a pretty good starting four. One of those four starters was Blake Snell. Snell had a rough 2017 and wasn’t supposed to be the ace of the staff.

As the 2018 season play itself out Snell was one of the best. This would be his first full season. He would have a record of 21-5 with a 1.89 ERA. Snell leads the majors with the most wins. He also led all major league starters with a .178 batting average. That is the fifth lowest for a starter. It is the lowest since Pedro Martinez in 2000 when he had .167 average which is the lowest. Many fans didn’t expect him to win the CY Young even though he was a finalist.

He was up against the likes of Chris Sale, Corey Kluber, and Justin Verlander. Those three have been dominating for a long time. The fans say that baseball had Ray’s bias. What that meant is that their team didn’t win awards. In fact, earlier in the week Kevin cash finished third in the manager of the year race.


He finished behind winner Bob Melvin of the A’s and Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox. For some off the wall reason, the small market teams don’t win major rewards. Well, they were wrong about that.

Blake Snell received 17 of 30 first-place votes. He would have the most point of any other starting pitcher. Snell would beat out Verlander and Kluber. He is just the second Rays pitcher to win the Cy Young. The other is David Price who had an awesome postseason and World Series win with the Red Sox. Snell and the Rays have a bright future ahead of them.

Just like the Rays, Blake Snell shock the world. Snell has a similarity to Price they are both left-handers. Kevin Cash will now come into Spring training with an ace. The Rays are now building with young stars. Snell happens to be one of those. Look for him to continue his progress and be in the running next year for the Cy Young.

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