Dream Golf Match: Tiger vs Phil

The golf world finally gets a dream match. This match will happen on Black Friday. On November 23rd, live on pay per view, it will be Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson. These two have been adversaries for most of their careers. They have both been staples on the PGA Tour. Most golf fans will tune in to watch these two and most of them will tune in on the 23rd.

Tiger Woods:

When it comes to comparing these two there is no comparison. Tiger Woods had 80 career wins. Number 80 just came a few months ago and the end of the year Tour Championship. Up until that point, many thought Tiger’s career was over. He had been battling both on and off the course issues. Tiger had numerous back surgeries. He would come back after everyone and never seem to be right. Woods took a gamble and came back, and he looks like the Tiger of old. He, of course, must take easier than he used to because of age and his doctors. Tiger wants to win as all golfers do let’s see how the 2019 season goes. Will he win another major?


Phil Mickelson:

Mickelson only has 43 career wins. On tour, he is known as Lefty. Phil has been a staple left-handed golfer on tour. Mickelson is a thrill seeker type of player. What that means he will go for everything. If he sees an opening, he will play it. Now, this type of play has cost him wins. No matter what he stills plays that way and will not stop.

This match should be entertaining. Many fans believe it should have happened 1o years ago. Both men are past their primes. The match will have two golfers who at one time were the top if the PGA Tour. This match is match play meaning the lowest score wins the match. Many don’t believe it reach the 18th hole and the best part it is all for charity.

Who will win Tiger or Phil? Leave a comment below
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