The Ultimate Rebuild: Can Kansas Get Les Miles to Lawrence

For the past two seasons, one coach has been talked about to one day make his coaching return. To a school actually, any school would be news for the media to cover one of the most anticipated returns of any college football coach to the game. So far though, Les Miles, the former LSU coach has been watching games from the stands, cheering on his sons who play Division 1 football, and he plays catch in his backyard with his youngest daughter.

In the mornings he watches his oldest daughter as a Baton Rouge television reporter. He’s done acting jobs, TV analyst jobs, and is a frequent speaker at coaching clinics. Miles really wants to coach again though. For Kansas football and Athletic Director Jeff Long they need to lure Les Miles to Lawrence. With Les Miles resume coaching at Colorado, turning Oklahoma State from bottom to contender, and replacing Nick Saban at LSU in 2005, leading the Tigers to two SEC championships along with a national title.


He could change the Kansas football program all around. Kansas with Les Miles at the helm could open up new hiring opportunities at the assistant and coordinator positions. It could open up recruiting pipelines in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, and Louisiana that Kansas previously could not compete in.

Miles could also draw Juco transfers from around the country that could bring experienced stars to help rebuild the program. With LSU and Les Miles agreeing to a contract buy out of $1.5 million, he is up for grabs. For Les Miles its a step back into the college football head coaching game. For Kansas football, it’s the ultimate rebuild and a chance to compete in every game every year he’s there. Under Les Miles, the Kansas Jayhawks could compete for Big 12 championships and could change everything about the Kansas football program for the better. If Les Miles lands in Lawrence Kansas, the future will be bright for Jayhawks Football.


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