Royal Caribbean: Ice Under the Big Top Is One of the Best Cruise Shows You’ll Ever See

Royal Caribbean features some of the best entertainment of any cruise ship chain. Mariner of the Seas is home to Ice Under the Big Top. This is one of the better ice shows you’ll find anywhere. Better than any Disney On Ice production, you can’t miss this when on-board.

Why would a cruise ship feature one of the best ice shows I’ve ever seen? I don’t have an answer for that. Still, I can’t get over how good Ice Under the Big Top was. The celebration of Nations theme to the Big Top added a nice touch. There were also some classic circus scenes in the show as well.

Without question, the highlight of the Ice Under the Big Top show were the clowns. The segment was funny and filled with great skating. There’s also a train that gets featured as well, with a kid chosen from the crowd as the passenger. As usual with clowns, expect a lot of hijinks.

In addition to the clowns, there were other portions of the show which stood out. There was an Indian-themed segment that featured aerial acrobatics. You can’t forget the Lion scene with a few skaters dressed as the ferocious cat, and the male dressed as the Lion tamer.

The show didn’t go on without a few issues. For starters, some of the skaters did fall. I won’t hold thag against them, though, as the boat was moving pretty well. Royal Caribbean did make a surprising choice to make this a celebration of Nations, rather than a circus show. The story never really made much sense.

I’m not a frequent cruiser. (In fact, Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas was my first one.) I don’t know how you can top this when it comes to Ice skating shows. Yes, there were a few hiccups here and there, but on the whole this wasn’t a bad show at all.

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