Suzy Whaley is the New President of the PGA Tour

The PGA Tour made a big announcement last week. They named a new president. The first female president has been named. Her name is Suzy Whaley. She is a former LPGA star. This is historic in many ways. She is now in charge of the best professional golf tour in the world. Her resume also speaks well for her and how she was voted in for her new position.

She was high in the office with the PGA in the past. For two years she served as the secretary. She also was vice president and held both positions for two years. The announcement came at the PGA annual meeting earlier this month. She has been recognized as one of the top teaching professionals for five years. Whaley was teaching at the Jim Flick golf school. She was the head professional At Blue Fox Run in Avon, Connecticut in 2002.

From 2004- 2006 she was an LPGA golf commentator for ESPN. After her days at ESPN, she established her teaching academy. Her academy mostly focused on children. She won multiple awards for junior golf instruction. Whaley has always loved working with children. She has helped over 3oo children move on to collegiate golf.


Whaley is one of only four LPGA tour stars to play a PGA Tour event. The tournament she played in was the 2003 Greater Hartford Open. This occurred after she was the first PGA of America women professional to win the Connecticut PGA Championship. She has a good playing career. She recently played in the USGA Seniors Women’s Open and the LPGA Senior Women’s Championship.

Suzy Whaley deserves this position. The PGA will not change at all. The fans of the tour should be happy with the decision. I love the tour, and I am looking forward to what Whaley will bring. Her resume speaks volumes. I also know that many male PGA tour fans are going to have a problem with this. My reaction to that is too relax and know females are good enough to be in charge.

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