Islands Of Adventure: The Potter Coaster Isn’t The Only New Attraction

Universal Orlando has been very tight-lipped about the new Harry Potter coaster. We know it’s going to be an Intamin multi-launch coaster. Rumors now suggest this may not be the only attraction of this magnitude at Islands of Adventure. Could another Intamin multi-launch be coming to the Jurassic Park section of the park?

Some believe the Potter coaster will be the most heavily themed attraction of all-time. In addition, there will be more than 3 launches, a backward section, and drop track. We don’t know how intense the coaster will be. Seeing as Universal wants this to be something the whole family can ride, don’t expect anything too crazy.

If the Potter coaster is on the less intense side, making another Intamin multi-launch in Jurassic Park isn’t too out of left field. This would be more along the lines of Maverick at Cedar Point or Taron at Phantsialand. Coaster enthusiasts have wanted a new coaster like this at Universal Orlando Resort for the longest time.


Islands of Adventure is home to one of the world’s most well-known coasters, The Incredible Hulk. This was the first attempt by Universal Studios at an intense big budget coaster. Dueling Dragons was also built, giving the park a nice 1-2 punch. Now, IOA could have three coasters of that magnitude.

Let’s say that Universal does decide to construct a new Intamin blitz in Jurassic Park. What kind of ride experience would we get? Will it be heavily themed like Taron, or does it suffer from budget cuts due to the Potter coaster? Chances are if this coaster is to be made, there will be some immense themeing to it. Don’t expect anything on the Potter level, though.

Themeing is just one part of the coaster. This needs to be out of control and crazy. Like Taron and Maverick, any new Intamin Universal builds needs to be fast and furious (No pun intended).

There are some who prefer their coasters to be tame, especially at a family theme park. If that’s the case, you’re at the wrong park. Universal doesn’t make the kid coasters that Disney does. We already know the Potter coaster will be a bit on the family side, so there’s no chance the Jurassic Park coaster does the same.

Island’s of Adventure needs a lot more rides. Adding two new Intamin coasters is a big step in the right direction. Some may think adding two of these is a bit overkill. If the experiences are completely different, then you go for it. And there’s no question they will be.

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