NXT: Due to the Roster Expanding, It May Be Time to Go Two Hours Weekly

When you look at the WWE landscape, there are technically two brands. You have Raw on Mondays and Smackdown on Tuesdays. However, there are many WWE fans who believe the company has a third brand. Since Triple H and company have taken over creative controls, NXT has become the third brand for the WWE. In some cases, the brand will usually show the best wrestling during the week.

Recently, they have brought in several top-level stars from ROH, NJPW, and the indies scene. Some of have included Shinsuke Nakamura, Adam Cole, Matt Riddle, Bobby Fish, Candice LeRae and others. While it is great to have so much talent on one roster, there is one problem that Triple H and company do happen to face.

They are only on one hour a week. In the early days, a one-hour NXT show was suitable. Now that you are having more big names coming to the brand, it could be time for NXT to do a two-hour show. It may be time to do this for several reasons. The biggest reason for why I feel NXT should go two-hours is that you give time to allow more superstars to show their talent.

If we look at how NXT is done now, we get at best 4-5 matches with 1 or 2 promos thrown in. By going two hours, you allow them to be more matches and more time given to the superstars. There’re several guys on the NXT roster who get shown once in a blue moon.

It seems that guys like EC3 and Keith Lee are almost never on. If they are it’s every couple of weeks. I get you want them to be special, but we get guys like Johnny Gargano every week and he is special.

You also need to look at this way. Going two hours give Triple H and company more opportunities to build talent that may not get opportunities in a one-hour show. I would not change the time length of the Takeover events as those are good at two-hours.

Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see NXT go two-hours.

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