MLB Rumors: Dallas Keuchel to the Yankees Is a Major Help

We are still in the early days of MLB free agency. One of the active teams we will probably be seeing is the New York Yankees. They won over 100 games and failed to win the World Series. I would expect Brian Cashman to be a busy person. It seems that one of the names being brought up is someone who has been dominant against the New York Yankees.

The player is former Houston Astro ace, Dallas Keuchel. He is currently a free agent. He mentioned in an interview that he would shave off his beard if it meant to join the Yankees. For as long as the Yankees have been an organization, they are one of the few that don’t allow their players or coaches to have any sort of facial hair. Since the Yankees will have a hole in the backend of their rotation, with them probably moving Sonny Gray, bringing in Dallas Keuchel would certainly be a major asset for the rotation.

As we saw towards the end of the season, pitching became a major problem for the Yankees. I would even go a step farther. If the Yankees do sign Dallas Keuchel (which hinges on if he signs the qualifying offer), then you could switch the rotation up a bit.

We can keep Luis Severino as your ace. I’d move Dallas Keuchal to the number 2 spot and Mashiro Tanaka would take the third spot. JA Happ would be the fourth starter, and CC Sabathia would round out the rotation. It has become a trend that in order to succeed in the American League, you need to have great pitching. This has been one of the downfalls for the Yankees recently. It seems that he does well against teams in the AL East. Since it seems that the Yankees will be competing with the Red Sox, the Yankees need to get pitchers who do well against them.

This is only a rumor and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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