Dallas Cowboys: Is Sunday Jason Garrett’s Last Chance?

For the Dallas Cowboys, the game on Sunday Night could be a very important game. The Cowboys need a victory needed to keep their slim playoff hopes alive, but they also may need the win to save their coach’s job. Owner Jerry Jones stated earlier this week that he does envision firing his head coach in season. However, he has done this before. Think back to Wade Phillips.

Jones stated back in 2010 that Phillips was safe for the remainder of the season. The Green Bay Packers then proceeded to demolish the Cowboys 45-7. Jones dismissed the embattled head coach the following day. Could the same happen to Garrett?

As we stated in the opening paragraph, Jones gave Jason Garrett the vote of confidence earlier this week. Just as he did with Phillips in 2010. So if the Dallas Cowboys suffer a blowout loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday Night, will Garrett be released on Monday?

Jason Garrett has often been referred to as a puppet for Jerry Jones. Often times there have been some unusual happens around the Cowboys that seem to be the doings of Jones. Not something a head coach would necessarily do.

Garrett has been average at best in his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys. He took over as the interim HC after the firing of Wade Phillips. He was then hired in the following offseason. Garrett would finish the 2010 season with a 5-3 record in the last 8 games of that season.

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There would then be three consecutive 8-8 seasons.

Garret would finally get the Cowboys back to the playoffs in 2014. That year they would finish 12-4. However, they would lose in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Since then Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys have struggled. There was a small playoff return in 2016. This was the season in which QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekiel Elliott burst on the scene. Many thought that Dallas had been resurrected. Nonetheless, a down two years following has marred that spectacular season.

Therefore, does a loss on Sunday seal the fate of Jason Garrett’s tenure as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys? Only time will tell.

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