Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3 things to watch against the Washington Redskins

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers come into week 10 after a loss to the Carolina Panthers. Once again, they found themselves in a hole early. This has been happening in most of their games this year. The defense which made some major improvements has looked worse than a year ago. Even with the change at defensive coordinator it still doesn’t look good. Here are three things to watch against the Washington Redskins.

1. Defense

The Washington Redskins come into this game against the Bucs with many injuries. They lost two offensive linemen a week ago. They lost Shawn Lauvao to a torn ACL and Brandon Scherff tore his pectoral muscle. Both gentlemen are lost for the season. The Bucs defensive line should be able to finally establish some pass rush. They need to find something or they are well on their way to setting the NFL record for most points allowed.

2. DeSean Jackson

It seems like DeSean has been out of sorts since the Bucs sign him. He has trouble getting along with Jameis Winston. He was a little bit happy when he found out that Ryan Fitzpatrick was the starter. Just today he decided that he was done. He said he wanted to be traded because of the lack of him being used in the offense. This will be questioned moving forward how his play effect will the Bucs.


3. Offense

Coach Dirk Koetter announced shortly after the loss to the Panthers that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starting quarterback this week. The Bucs one bright point has been on offense. The only issue is that the defense has put them in a such a big hole it’s been difficult. Can Fitzmagic come alive at home? The Bucs have been good at home. The offense should get an opportunity to shine once again.

The Redskins are on top of the NFC East. They come in playing a Bucs team that probably will not make the playoffs. This game will be important for both teams. This game is more important to the Redskins. It will be hard with the injuries that they have suffered. Look for the game to be competitive for both teams.

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