Cleveland Cavaliers: It’s Time To Say Goodbye To J.R. Smith

J.R. Smith needs to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. With all the controversy surrounding the team, his presence isn’t good for the younger players. Given his latest issue with the rookie point guard, Colin Sexton, the time to move on is here.

There have been reports of Cleveland Cavaliers players doubting Sexton’s basketball IQ. Smith seems to be the catalyst for this. He recently sub-tweeted a post regarding Trae Young (the Atlanta Hawks promising rookie) with ROY (Rookie of The Year). Smith plays with Sexton, a top-10 pick, this doesn’t show much support for his teammate. (He later stated to that it was just a heat of the moment statement.)


The Cavaliers are already faced with the dilemma of trading veterans. Indeed, the hope was this team could compete. Nonetheless, that’s not been the case. So now, the Cavs are left with a decimated and dejected roster. Getting rid of the veterans is the first step towards the future. J.R. Smith should be the first they trade.

Over his career, Smith has had his fair share of incidents. He seemingly turned a corner during the Cavs championship season, mostly because of the LeBron factor. All he’s done this season is create unwanted controversy. Smith has already requested a trade, he’s ridiculed Colin Sexton, and hasn’t been shy about what he tells the media.

J.R. has a selfish attitude and always looks out for himself over teammates. Perhaps instead of calling out your rookie PG you show him the ropes and teach him what you’ve gained over the years. That’s something Smith will never be, a teacher.

Sexton has had some issues grasping the NBA. His fellow rookies have had some major success. It’s unfortunate that he’s been such a disappointment this year. Yet, there’s no need to bring his confidence down. While it’s still early in his career, the added pressure of teammates doubting you can be troublesome.

Sexton did start his first game for the Cavs on November 6th. He didn’t light the world on fire but did flash some potential. We might never get the 20+ ppg, 7+ assists, 5+ rebound numbers his fellow rookies are amassing. There’s something to be said for a player, who in the face of adversity, goes out and has a decent showing for his first start. This is the first step for Sexton becoming a team leader, something J.R. Smith isn’t.


With LeBron now gone, Smith now feels he, along with Tristan Thompson, can lead this team and speak their mind to the media. However, that can’t happen. The two don’t seem to understand the mood regarding the team’s terrible start. Perhaps it’s because he (and Tristan) know their time as Cavs have come to an end.

J.R. Smith needs to go to a team that can use him. He’s still got a lot of talent. If LeBron were still in Cleveland, by all means, you keep him. There’s no point in keeping Smith during the rebuild. He doesn’t make the team better at all.

Most Cleveland fans would die for J.R. Smith. He’s always going to be a legend for bringing the city a title. Although, it’s a business, and the time to cut ties has come. Therefore, the Cleveland Cavaliers need to look towards the future. Smith isn’t part of those plans.

Thus, it’s time for the J.R. Smith era to end. Again, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. In fact, the Cleveland Cavaliers don’t need that kind of player on the roster. Smith requested a trade, so the Cavs should give him one. They might be worse on offense for trading away such a good scorer, but they’ll better off if they do.

Do you think it is time for J.R. Smith and the Cleveland Cavaliers to cut ties? Leave a comment below.

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