Atlanta Hawks: Jeremy Lin Is A Player To Watch In 2018-2019

I have not given up on Jeremy Lin, point guard for the Atlanta Hawks. He has traveled across the league from undrafted to the Dallas Mavericks Summer League team, to the Golden State Warrior’s bench, and then the New York Knicks.

In 2012 Linsanity happened. He averaged 25 points a game in like a three-week span. After the season the Knicks released Lin. He would then sign with the Houston Rockets where he played three seasons with the team.

Jeremy Lin then went to the Los Angeles Lakers for one season. After that, Lin signed with the Charlotte Hornets for a season. He took the Hornets to the playoffs. The Hornets would trade Lin to the Brooklyn Nets. In 2016 with the Nets he had a good season, but in 2017 he played one game before getting injured and being out for the rest of the season. This summer he was traded again to the Atlanta Hawks and is with them this season for 2018-2019.


In 2018 with the Hawks Jeremy Lin is a player to watch for this season. Coming off an injury and a new scenery in Atlanta, Jeremy Lin through 9 games is averaging 7.8 points a game, 40.7 percent from the field, and 2.3 assists in 15.8 minutes a game. This isn’t much, but you can see some flashes of brightness with games like against Sacramento on November 1st. He had 23 points in 23 minutes in the loss.

In the game before, on October 30th, he had 12 points in 24 minutes. Lin also had 8 assists to help distribute the ball to his teammates. Some things to watch for this year from Jeremy Lin are his health, averages 10-20 points per game, and average 5-10 assists. If he stays healthy through 75 to 82 games he then has an opportunity to average a fair amount of points and assists. The 10-20 points would be a good contributing amount to this Atlanta Hawks team. Especially to win games late in the final minutes. The 5-10 assists, if Lin can average that, could get the Atlanta Hawks offense moving along with contributions from star point guard Trae Young as well. That would give the Atlanta Hawks and Jeremy Lin many chances to win a lot in the 2018-2019 NBA season.

His career has been a journey. This season, if he could do these things, listed it could be a great year for Jeremy Lin. The Atlanta Hawks could soar far if things land in their favor and Jeremy Lin is a player to watch this season.

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