WWE: Could We Be Getting a Baron Corbin/Shane McMahon Match at Survivor Series?

At WWE’s Crown Jewel, Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon would end up winning the best in the world tournament. He was put in after the Miz was “injured” and couldn’t continue the match. From reports coming out of the event, the plan all along was for Shane McMahon to win the event. Dave Meltzer is reporting that this is the WWE’s way to begin the heel turn for Shane. In addition, the plan is to have something happen at Survivor Series to add to the Raw vs. Smackdown gimmick that they have that night.

While nothing is official, I could see a scenario play out where we get Shane McMahon taking on Baron Corbin. As we saw on Friday, Corbin was very irate after Shane McMahon had plugged himself into the match. I could see the promos being something to the extent of Shane McMahon realized he was not going to win. So he took it upon himself. If this is the way the WWE goes, I could see Stephanie McMahon, commissioner of Raw up the levels a bit.


I could see something where she comes out and tells Corbin that he needs to beat Shane McMahon at Survivor Series or he will be fired as General Manager. In addition, now that Kurt Angle is back I could see him come in to the match to “help” Corbin. However, it leads to him screwing Corbin in the match. This could be used to further the possible feud between Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin.

Regarding Shane McMahon being a heel, there shouldn’t be anyone genuinely shocked. The McMahons seem to be natural heels. If you recall, there has never really been a heel authority figure on Smackdown Live since the second brand spilt in 2016. We should get more of an answer to the direction WWE will go in the next couple of weeks as Survivor Series is in less than two weeks.

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