Which Cedar Fair Interactive Dark Ride Is The Best?

What’s the best interactive dark ride of the Cedar Fair chain of parks? I’m excluding Plants vs. Zombies (Carowinds) and Mass Effect (California’s Great America) from this article only because they aren’t true dark rides. We’ll be looking at Boo Blasters at Boo Hill (Carowinds, Kings Island, Kings Dominion) Wonder Mountain’s Guardian (Canada’s Wonderland), and Voyage to the Iron Reef (Knott’s Berry Farm).

These select few rides are the premier interactive dark rides of the Cedar Fair chain. The newest of the bunch is Voyage to the Iron Reef. Wonder Mountain was built not too long before Iron Reef. While Boo Blasters debuted long before Cedar Fair took over the Paramount owned parks.

Like Voyage to the Iron Reef, both Wonder Mountain’s Guardian and Boo Blasters are interactive dark rides. Boo Blasters combines set pieces, while Voyage and Guardian use screens. The use of the screens adds a lot more pizzazz to the ride. Voyage is a straight dark ride, as opposed to Guardian which combines some outdoor elements and surprises. That’s why Wonder Mountain’s Guardian surpasses Voyage in the overall ride experience aspect.


I actually like the Voyage to the Iron Reef storyline more. You’re thrust into a world of fantasy on Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, but something about a giant creature of the sea just does it for me. The Boo Blasters storyline is average at best. Shoot the evil spirits of the house. Wonder Mountain’s Guardian involves saving the Mountain from a giant dragon.

All three interactive dark rides have their disadvantages and advantages. Guardian and Voyage use screens. Blasters does appeal more to kids with the interesting set pieces. At the same time, those set pieces look rather old and outdated. Don’t expect heavy themeing in Wonder Mountain’s Guardian and Voyage to the Iron Reef, though.

One disadvantage to Boo Blasters is the ride setup. It’s a lot easier to shoot on Voyage and Guardian. They force you to wait a few seconds as each target on Boo Blasters turns green, it’s then that you can shoot the target. This can become rather frustrating.

From an entrance perspective, Wonder Mountain’s Guardian takes the cake. The ride entrance is set inside Wonder Mountain. Boo Blasters is a close second with its haunted house facade. Voyage to the Iron Reef doesn’t feature a very well designed set. I’m a sucker for these entrance areas of rides.

As I mentioned before, Wonder Mountain’s Guardian is the best overall ride experience. Thanks to its numerous surprises, this is the top interactive dark ride of the Cedar Fair chain. That’s not to say Voyage to the Iron Reef and Boo Blasters are bad. They’ve got a lot of selling points to them. If you get the chance, try all three and decide which is best. You’ll be surprised at how different these three really are from each other.

What dark ride is your favorite in the Cedar Fair chain? Leave a comment below.

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