South Florida Bulls: Looking Back at 2nd Straight Loss to Tulane

The South Florida Bulls were thought to have a wakeup call game last week against Houston. They were supposed to have woken up. Head coach Charlie Strong said he was to blame for the loss against the Cougars. He said he was going to make sure his team would be ready. The Tulane Green Wave are not a bad team. They came in prepared to beat the Bulls at Raymond James.

This was the worst the South Florida Bulls have looked. The mistakes and penalties continued. The youth of this team has shown the last two games. The coaching staff does not need to be blamed for what happened Saturday night. When you have a young team like the Bulls. The Bulls have looked lost in the last two games.

This game started off well for the South Florida Bulls. The Green Wave would drive down and the Bulls would block a field goal attempt. They would then drive down and stall in the red zone but come away with a field goal. The defense hasn’t been the same since the loss of linebacker Nico Sawtelle. The Green Wave for the rest of the game had no issue driving down the field. The defense had no answer. Even if they did, they would commit a stupid penalty and give the Green Wave another chance.


The offense has been a question all year. The only bright spot has been the running game. They had tight end Mitchel Wilcox and Randell St. Felix both out. Blake Barnett is a young quarterback and it showed. There were multiple deflections that would lead to interceptions. Even with a big play, there would be a fumble.

This might be the one that cracks the Bulls back. This is the second loss in a row and they looked bad. There are know rumors that Charlie Strong might be leaving to take the Maryland job. Those are rumors that I haven’t heard. This will hopefully get everything right before they head on the road. They have two road games coming up the first one this upcoming Saturday against the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Will the Bulls get it back on track? Leave a comment below
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