Cedar Point: Kiddy Kingdom Needs To Go In Favor Of Other Attractions

Cedar Point needs to demolish Kiddy Kingdom. This might seem a bit harsh, but what’s the point of having it with both a Camp and Planet Snoopy? Cedar Point should expand the offerings of Planet Snoopy or build an entirely new ride on the section of land. There’s just no place for a bland unthemed section in such prime real estate.

Here’s the million dollar question. What does Cedar Point build in the space-occupying Kiddy Kingdom? It’ll need to be something Peanuts-related, as the park gets a lot of younger visitors. You can’t take away a kids area without building something family related in its place.

For years many have expressed interest in designing a Peanuts dark ride. It’s feasible that one could go in Kiddy Kingdom section of the park. You’d need to demolish the existing rides, the guest service booth, (which they can relocate) and the coke/food stand (which is hardly open), and start your construction in that area.


It wouldn’t be a massive ride, as space isn’t too big. You don’t need much land to do this, though. There’s always the idea of going into the main walkway in front of the Kiddy Kingdom area, or, the arcade building next to Kiddy Kingdom. With the amount of crowd this attraction would eat up, Cedar Point may have to sacrifice some real estate for the ride.

If a dark ride isn’t the choice, how about expanding Planet Snoopy. The obvious choice would be for a new ride. Although with Planet Snoopy not relatively close to the are of Kiddy Kingdom, you’d need to think outside of the box. As Cedar Point looks to expand its entertainment options, building a dedicated stage for Peanuts shows might be an option.

This season, Cedar Point held the Peanuts Block Party on the main midway. There wasn’t much in the way of staging. Giving the show a stage might enhance the offering a bit. You could even make this a character meet and greet area. The park currently has two of those in Camp and Planet Snoopy.

This stage could also serve as a platform for the other numerous live midway shows Cedar Point puts on. The live street entertainment is a big part of the Cedar Point experience. Although, the main purpose of this stage would be Peanuts-related.

While Kiddy Kingdom isn’t an eyesore for Cedar Point, the area could be in need of some TLC. By taking it out of the park, we’ll get something new and fresh in its place. It’ll add more crowds to Planet Snoopy, but the kid’s area is meant to handle a lot of guests.

Let’s not get carried away, as Cedar Point has given no indication of closing Kiddy Kingdom. In the future, it might be something to consider. As of now, the park has three different kids areas. Most parks only have one. If Cedar Point wants to add new attractions or entertainment, Kiddy Kingdom is assuredly at the front of everyone’s mind to get the ax.

What do you think Cedar Point should do with Kiddy Kingdom? Leave a comment below.

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