The Office: NBC Needs To Revive the Acclaimed Series

Does a follow-up to The Office make sense?

We’ve seen shows such as Murphy Brown and Roseanne get revivals. The Office is on another level of popularity. Giving it another run on television could be a great idea for a studio like NBC. The amount of viewers the show would bring in would be quite high, seeing as it’s one of the most popular shows of all-time.

There’s a lot of material an Office follow-up could cover. Dwight, who’s now the branch manager, could be the main character. We’d see how Dundler Mifflin is fairing under his control. It wouldn’t star Jim or Pam, but Angela, Kevin, and Phyllis would be on board. There’d also be Oscar, who despite being a political party member, would make occasional appearances.

Here’s where things could be a bit different. Why not center a show around the lives of Jim and Pam? This could be an Office spinoff. The two went out to Austin for Jim’s dream job. They were the most popular characters on the show. Perhaps centering a series on them might be something fans would watch.

A Jim and Pam show wouldn’t involve Dundler Mifflin, but rather Jim’s company. Darryl would also be featured on the show as well. He took a job with Jim’s company. Most of all, the Jim and Pam romance would continue. We’d see how they’ve grown together, and the family they built.


What if an Office re-boot combined all the same loveable characters? Let’s say Dundler Mifflin expanded to Austin or Jim’s company went to Philadelphia or New York. You could the feature all your Office favorites in one show, as they would be working very close together. While the idea might seem far-fetched, it’s a way to get all of The Office favorites back.

We’d not see Micheal or Andy in any Office re-boot except for guest spots. It’s unlikely Steve Carrell and Ed Helms would want to do the show. In all honesty, with his success as s movie star, John Krasinski might also turn down a role as Jim. That would eliminate any show starring Jim and Pam. Of course, if the money is right, anything is possible.

The most likely chance we get at an Office re-boot is going to involve Dwight and Dundler Mifflin. Given Andy, Micheal, Jim, and Pam are gone, the show would be a much different experience. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to feature the secondary cast such as Angela, Phyllis, Oscar and Kevin as starting roles. Regardless, any type of Office remake or re-boot will draw in viewers.

Therefore, does a revival of The Office make sense? Yes. One of the most popular shows of all-time, it’s surprising we’ve not yet seen a re-boot. Surely, it will come at some point. If a majority of the cast agree to come back (Although all you really need is Dwight or Pam and Jim), this could be a thing NBC needs to get the ball rolling, as the money will be rolling in for them.

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