San Francisco 49ers: Should They Rent a QB at the Deadline?

The 2018 NFL Trade Deadline is a little less than 24 hours away. There are many rumors floating around regarding activity. Deadlines breed action and the could happen tomorrow. The San Francisco 49ers are one of those teams that could see some action. In continuing our 32 team series on trade deadline moves we look at what move makes sense for the 49ers to make.

The San Francisco 49ers were in consideration for being a playoff team at the beginning of the season. Then starting QB, Jimmy Garoppolo went down with a torn ACL. Now they are struggling to produce points. Therefore, what makes more sense than renting a QB for the remainder of the 2018 season?

It was at this time last season that the San Francisco 49ers made the move for Jimmy G. It makes sense to make another move the same time. This time for a possible rental in Tyrod Taylor. With the moves that happened with the Cleveland Browns, the best time may be now.

Taylor would bring a veteran presence to the QB room of the 49ers. He would also bring that playoff experience that could put the team back in the race, Their chance of winning the division is long gone. However, a solid run could vault them back into the wild card race. All they need is a competent starting QB.

I am not saying that C.J. Beathard is not competent. He is, however, young and has a tendency to make costly mistakes. Indeed, Taylor takes care of the football. With the weaponry that Taylor would have at his disposal, managing the game could be all the San Francisco 49ers need.

Hence, adding a player the caliber of Tyrod Taylor could vault the San Francisco 49ers at the end of the season. While it may be a little too late, it may be worth a phone call to see what the Cleveland Browns want.

How would you feel if the San Francisco 49ers traded for Tyrod Taylor? Leave a comment below.

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