The Good Doctor: Season 2 Episode 5 “Carrots” Live Stream

Last week’s episode of The Good Doctor was a little tough to watch. While we got a great deal of back story, not all of it was a happy ending. Sure there was the reconciliation between Shaun and Lea but it was Dr. Glassman who’s troubled past we see. His post-op hallucinations revealed a dark and troubled relationship with his daughter. Just how much of a toll has it taken and how does it affect his connection with Shaun?



“When a patient suffering from anorexia can’t gain the necessary weight needed to survive heart surgery, Claire suggests they perform an experimental surgery which Melendez strongly opposes. Shaun worries Glassman’s refusal to walk the hospital floor will keep him from being discharged and tries to persuade him to ambulate. Meanwhile, Shaun and Lea change the terms of their current relationship.”

Still there are questions to be answered? How will Shaun and Lea repair their struggling friendship? Was Shaun the cause of Dr. Glassman’s distance with his daughter or did their bond grow after? How long will he pull through or how close is the heartbreaking loss for Shaun?

As a friendly reminder: you need to authenticate your cable provider to tune into this show away from your television and outside of any cable provider apps. This is not a free stream link below but it’s provided by the network and won’t give you spam or other bad stuff. It’s also a legit stream as well.

If you can’t make this week’s episode of The Good Doctor at 10pm, Hulu has you covered. All episodes of the ABC series are now up on the streaming service at the time of this article. For those of you tuning in live or on the go, this week’s The Good Doctor episode airs on this Monday on ABC. Those will a cable provider can use the link below to live stream the show from any of their devices. This is a legal and legit link that won’t put malware on your device or send you in circles. The link goes right to ABC ’s streaming service which is free for those with the channel in their cable package.

Here is where you can watch The Good Doctor live stream on Monday.

Date: Monday, October 29th

Start Time: 10:00 p.m. (EST) 60 mins

Episode: Carrots

Live Stream TV: ABC

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