Disneyland: The New Spiderman Ride Should Still be Unforgettable

We won’t be getting the Spiderman attraction we’ve all wanted at Disneyland California.

The theme park has announced some specifics on their new Marvel-themed land. One of the details given was in regards to the upcoming Spiderman ride. It appears this won’t as special as many had thought. Instead of the pendulum-like ride system, we might be getting a Toy Story Mania clone.

It was believed that Disneyland was going to spare no expense for the Spiderman ride. The concept was said to be revolutionary. It’s a shame that this is likely only going to be an interactive dark ride.

We’ve known Disney to bring out some interesting ride concepts over the years. Universal brought out the big guns with Harry Potter. The new Spiderman was said to be even more advanced than Forbidden Journey. Although, we need to look on the bright side.

Knowing Disney and their commitment to Marvel, this probably will be heavily themed. Obviously, with the Adventures of Spiderman at Universal Orlando, the California version won’t be too similar. The interactivity of the new Spiderman ride is going to give the hero a new life in the theme park world. Expect sets and effects to be prevalent and an innovative interactive portion of the ride.

What’s special about a potential Spiderman interactive dark ride is the web-slinging guns. Instead of tossing rings like Toy Story Mania, you’ll be shooting webs. It’s a nice little touch the design team have come up with. Admit it, you’ve always wanted to shoot webs like Spidey.

The new dark ride will probably be heavily screen based. With the themeing, this might become a totally immersive experience. Disney will do their best to make the screens seem like they are non-existent. While that’s not exactly the idea behind Toy Story Mania, a Spiderman ride is a much bigger IP to get right. Total immersion is key for a property as big as this.

Disneyland does have plans for the Avengers ride of Marvel’s theme land to open in Phase 2 of the project. This will be the big attraction for that area of the park. In fact, the Spiderman ride is just the appetizer or the secondary ride (third ride if you count Mission Breakout) of the new land. If it’s not immersive enough, that’s probably Disney wanting to focus more attention and money on the Avengers ride.

With Universal Orlando doing Spiderman justice in the theme park world since 1999, Disneyland needs to hit a home run with this. Anything less than what Universal has to offer and It’s a big loss for Disneyland. They definitely don’t want to feel like second place. That’s why this attraction could take themeing and technology to the next level.

While the Spiderman interactive dark ride might be the third best of the fully operational Marvel land, it’s not going to be a dud. There will probably be less money spent on this than the Avengers ride. There’s still some hope that it’s the best interactive dark ride in the world. Indeed, if that’s what Disneyland is aiming for, watch out.

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