South Florida Bulls: Looking Back at the Loss to Houston

This is the first time this year the South Florida Bulls have suffered a defeat. Many of the experts had them losing this one. The fans said there would be a way to pull a win. Head coach Charlie Strong wanted his team to play a complete game. The miscues are what is causing USF to fall behind on the field and with the experts. This was going to a challenge for the Bulls and the fans hoped they would come out on top.

The South Florida Bulls fell behind early 14-0. This is not the start USF was hoping for. This team has never shown that they quit. The rallied and tied the game at 14. They had what little advantage they had was on offense. The Cougars had their top defensive player out of the game. Ed Oliver didn’t play but the Cougars defense still came to play.


The South Florida Bulls would find themselves down 28-21 at the half. They have been primarily a second-half team. Many of the fans were not concerned only being down 7 points. The problem that the Bulls had was stopping Houston offense. The Cougars went up and down the field at will. The other issue was the Bulls would hold them to 3rd downs only for the Cougars to gain the yards. They were unable to cause 3 and outs. This will wear down the defense down and it showed.

The Cougars would come out on top 57-36. This to many would have looked like a blowout. It was a closer game than people thought. The experts said that they would not score too many points. They scored 36 against a good Houston defense. This is what the Bulls needed moving forward. They have played on the edge for too long and now they need to learn from this defeat. Look for them to come out next week as they return home to play the Tulane Green Wave.

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