WWE: Lio Rush Plays A Big Factor In The Future Of Bobby Lashley

The transition of Lashley into a heel has been the best thing WWE has done in quite some time. Pairing him with the arrogant Lio Rush has taken his character to new heights. A lot of the WWE universe has shown a significant disdain towards both Rush and Lashley. That’s precisely what the WWE wants.

Ever since Rush has become a staple on WWE television, he’s been one of the best on the mic. His cocky persona has garnered him quite the following. The 23-year-old Piece of Gold, as he calls himself, has made Lashley the most talked about wrestler on RAW.

We know Lashley isn’t the greatest when it comes to cutting promos. This was evident during his first run in WWE. There has been an improvement, proven by his time in Impact Wrestling, although, there’s no denying how good Rush has been for his career. It’s entirely in the realm of possibility that Lashley can be a world champion, especially given someone who can sell him like Lio Rush.

The hype-man has been a staple in WWE for quite some time. Over the years, there’s been a decline in these types of acts. Rush reminds many of Jimmy Hart. He’ll babble on during Lashley’s matches, providing commentary like Hart did all those years ago. As you’d expect, Rush is exceptionally charismatic and witty.


Lio Rush is a future Cruiserweight champion himself. The 205 Live star might be the best offering on the show. The in-ring work speaks for itself. The same can be said for Bobby Lashley, who’s one of the better in-ring talents the WWE has. Despite what some may say, he’s one of the best big men in wrestling.

The pairing of the two works. Giving a dominant big like Lashley a mouthpiece adds to his character. There aren’t many RAW acts to be excited for; this is one of them. What does the future hold for this duo? Could a Championship be far off?

Assuming this duo stays together, we could be getting a Lashley title run very soon. McMahon is said to be very high on the act. Perhaps it’s something a bit bigger (Although, a title reign might be as big as you can get.), and we get Lashley and Brock Lesnar. Imagine the promo work between Lio Rush and Paul Heyman.

The latter isn’t out of the realm of possibility for WrestleMania or even the Royal Rumble. Still, this act screams title picture. And while the Universal Title is up for grabs, giving Lashley a crack at the belt wouldn’t hurt. If the crowd is into it, give him a run as champ.

There’s no denying the Lio Rush factor when it comes to Bobby Lashley. The pair is the best thing about RAW right now. Will they ever get the WWE Universal title run? That remains to be seen. Give this some time to mature and develop, and things might be a lot different.

Image: WWE

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