New England Patriots: 3 Things to Watch Against the Buffalo Bills

The New England Patriots now travel to Buffalo. They come off a narrow escape beating the Chicago Bears by one yard. One of the things to watch was how their offense was going to do against the Bears defense. They did well. However, the turnovers almost cost them the game. In the end, the Patriots are finding their mojo and are starting to look like themselves. Here are three things to watch as they head to take on the Buffalo Bills.

1. How difficult will be with Sony Michel hurt?

The Patriots have had a great season on the ground. Especially the combination of rookie running back Sony Michel and James White. The Patriots lost Rex Burkhead to injury earlier this season. We all know how good Tom Brady is. In fact, he might be the greatest of all time. With a great running game, the offense is back on track. Michel’s injury will hurt the Patriots a little bit but not slow them down.

2. When will Rob Gronkowski be coming back?

Gronk missed the last road game. The team had him stay home with back issues. He also missed practice this week. He has been a big part of the Patriots offense since he was drafted. The Patriots did miss him against the Bears. They now have the Bills and we all know they are having a rough season. The Patriots could always use his help.


3. A division game what sparks will fly

The New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills have had a rivalry for a long time. This will be the second division game for the Pats this year. They dismantled the Dolphins a few weeks back. The Buffalo Bills are one of the teams trying to find a win. They had issues all over the place and injuries as well. This is a division game and despite the records will be a good one.

The Patriots come in on a 4-game winning streak. They will be traveling to play the Bills on Monday night. The running game should be alright. Even with Sony Michel hurt. The Pats should give him time to recover. That goes as well for Rob Gronkowski. He is another player that is going to need some time to heal. Division games haven’t been that exciting in the AFC East but this one might shock the fans.

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