Houston Texans: A Deadline Trade for Le’Veon Bell Makes Them a Contender

The NFL Trade Deadline is one week away. Many teams have already made some moves. However, the Houston Texans have not. Will they make a move? We will see over the next seven days. This team is playing very well right now. Thus, a move may not be in their future. However, I believe that there is one player that could put this team over the top. That player is RB Le’Veon Bell.

Many might call me crazy for saying this but hear me out. Imagine Le’Veon Bell with Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Will Fuller. This would now be one of the most dynamic offenses in the NFL.

Lamar Miller has been a member of the Houston Texans since 2016. In those 2 yrs, not counting 2018, he has had one 1,000-yard season. The Texans brought him in to be the lead back and he has not cut the cake in three seasons. This season he has only had one game in which he sniffed 100 yards. In the others, he has struggled to crack 50 yards rushing.

If the Houston Texans were to bring in a player like Le’Veon Bell, they would immediately change the way teams defend this offense. Right now, the keys are Hopkins and Watson. Adding Bell to that mix could give defensive coordinators nightmares.

Can the Houston Texans afford Le’Veon Bell?

The team is currently $21 million under the 2018 salary cap. However, the can extend that rental after the season is over. The Houston Texans are an estimated $85.9 million under the 2019 salary cap.

As far a draft pick compensation, the Houston Texans have a plethora of picks to work with. They would obviously find themselves short a few draft picks over the next few years. Nonetheless, the result would be well worth the move.

Le’Veon Bell is well worth a trade if I was the Houston Texans. This move could just put this franchise over the top. Not only this year but also for years to come.

How would the Houston Texans trading for Le’Veon Bell make you feel? Leave a comment below.

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