Kentucky Kingdom: Kentucky Flyers Is The Missing Piece to a Great Park

The impact Kentucky Flyers will have on Kentucky Kingdom is going to be out of this world. The new wooden family coaster is just another step to making this a destination park. It’s something they needed. A big family coaster will draw a lot of guests through the gate.

Kentucky Kingdom has gone through a lot over the years. Since its reopening, Lightning Run and Storm Chaser have anchored the park. In addition, Thunder Run and T3 are also featured. What KK didn’t have was a good family coaster (Roller Skater doesn’t count).

Actually, many parks don’t have family wooden coasters. Kentucky Kingdom’s biggest competitors, Holiday World, and Kings Island, really lack in having a legitimate family woodie. Perhaps Kings Island can lay claim to Woodstock Express, but that’s not on the scale of Kentucky Flyer. Holiday World has three intense wooden coasters.

That’s the new advantage Kentucky Kingdom will have. There’s now a massive family wooden coaster in the geographical area of the three parks. This will benefit KK greatly. The focus towards families with this new woodie gives them a promising new addition to entice the general public.

While Kentucky Kingdom will never be able to compete with Kings Island, the closest park to them, they really don’t have to. Surely, KK brings in a nice profit. Many come to ride Storm Chaser and Lightning Run. Now they’ll have a brand new woodie.


Kings Island has something big in the works for 2020, and that could hinder business. Although seeing as it’s going to likely be a giga, Kentucky Kingdom has a leg up being their newest coaster is family oriented. All that’s left for them is to revamp the parks kids area, which might be on the docket at some point.

Kentucky Kingdom won’t be getting a dark ride anytime soon. Ed Hart, the parks President, doesn’t like dark rides. However, there’s a lot that the park can do to improve the kids and family area of the park. Just by adding a few flat rides and enhancing the themeing of the family/kids section of the park, that would bring real competition to Planet Snoopy.

By adding Kentucky Flyers, you’ll get an attraction that can allow families the opportunity to bring their kids. Before this coaster, KK had a limit on their family attractions. Here’s hoping the beginning of the expanded kids and family area of Kentucky Kingdom is upon us.

Kentucky Kingdom might be one of the premier parks in America at some point. Kentucky Flyers is a big step in the right direction. If this goes well (and it will), more family additions will be on the way. This will probably also include more coasters. That’s got to be the idea among Kentucky Kingdom management. In fact, there’s a lot this park has to offer. Let’s see what they come up with over the next 5 years.

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Photo Credit: Wave 3 News

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