Denver Broncos: Should They Trade Shane Ray Before the Deadline?

The 2018 NFL Trade Deadline is just over a week away. There have been some trade made already that may keep teams from being busy over the coming week. However, there are still some trades that teams make. The Denver Broncos could be one team that moves a player or two before next Tuesday’s deadline. There are several reports that teams are making calls on WR Demaryius Thomas, CB Bradley Roby, and maybe CB Chris Harris Jr. One player is worth mentioning that I could see the Broncos moving. His name is Shane Ray.

Ray was the first round pick of the Denver Broncos in the 2015 NFL Draft. He attended the University of Missouri. Many thought when the Broncos selected Ray that he would pair with Von Miller in making a dynamic pass rushing duo. That has not happened to this point. In fact, Ray has often been injured or suspended during his time with the Broncos.

Actually, there was talk that the Denver Broncos were ready to cut ties with Shane Ray during the 2018 offseason. He was not recovering well from a wrist injury and may need another surgery on the said wrist. However, Ray would seek a second opinion and would not need a second surgery. Nonetheless, the Denver Broncos still drafted his potential replacement in Bradley Chubb.

Chubb and Miller have become the pass rush duo that Miller and Ray were supposed to become. Thus, why should the Broncos keep Shane Ray around? He could become a pass rush specialist for another team and the Broncos could recoup something in return. What value does Ray hold?

The Broncos could get a 3rd round pick for Shane Ray. When he does play, he plays at a high level. Ray brings not only pass rushing abilities with him but he is also a run stopper. He knows how to set the edge and force the running back to the inside where his help is. There are multiple teams looking for a player with these abilities.

Therefore, if the Denver Broncos are serious about making a move at the trade deadline, this could be one worth talking about. We all know that Shane Ray is playing his final season as a member of the Broncos. It could just end sooner than expected.

How would you feel if the Denver Broncos traded Shane Ray? Leave a comment below.

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