Halloween: The Newest Installment Will Please The Horror Film Crowd

Halloween (2018) was the best of the series. There’s a lot Blumhouse did right in this film. By contrast, there’s also a lot that didn’t work. With that being said, this is an entertaining movie that needs to be seen by all horror fans.

Halloween hits on mostly all levels. The classic Micheal Myers is back in full form. There’s the classic John Carpenter score, remixed for today’s crowd, and the return of Jamie Lee Curtis. In addition, there are some easter eggs thrown in from previous Halloween movies.

There are some things about Halloween that needed some attention. For starters, the bus crash was sort of just thrown on us. There’s no real explanation as to how it happened until 45 minutes after. Also, the scares aren’t as prevalent with this version of Halloween as its predecessors.

There are some moments that will get you on the edge of your seat, but nothing too intense. What I didn’t like was the placement of the music before a scene in which Myers was going to appear. That happened once or twice, and sort of killed the suspense a bit.

Let’s not focus on all the bad. In fact, there’s a lot more good about this movie. It’s hard to ignore the classic score from the original films. There’s also the return to roots of Micheal Myers. He’s a complete savage in Halloween. The best part of the movie is Jamie Lee Curtis. She really goes above and beyond for her role.


The one who really stands out is Andi Matichak. Playing the role of Allyson Strode, Laurie Strode’s granddaughter. We’ve not seen much of Matichak before Halloween. That’ll likely change. She’s excellent in the movie. In addition, Judy Greer also plays a pivotal role. And, even though he didn’t say a word, Nick Castle returns as Micheal Myers.

What makes the 2018 Halloween better than the majority of the other films in the franchise? Given the movies return to form with the actors and actresses, there’s a lot of the same magic the first one had 40 years ago. Certain scenes also give you a very intense and nervous feeling in your stomach. That’s exactly what should happen.

I’d call Halloween (2018) the best of the franchise outside of the original. I’m a sucker for updated or remade films. I’ve never seen the 40-year-old film in theaters. The atmosphere there was great, especially with the background sounds.

You might have a different opinion on Halloween than me. I didn’t go into the film expecting a masterpiece or crapfest. I knew it was going to be a good time at the movies, and that’s what it was. Fans of the original will be pleased, as this Halloween stays true to its roots.

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