The Growl Of A Red Wolf: Talking With Arkansas State’s Dajon Emory

I recently had the pleasure to sit down and do an interview with Dajon Emory. He is a current defensive end for the Arkansas State Redwolves. Me and Dajon Emory have only known each other through Facebook. However, he gave me the opportunity to do an interview with him. Dajon Emory went to Woodbridge High school and was a varsity Letterman for the football team.

Emory continued his education and football career at Lackawanna College. He helped lead Lackawanna to an 8-2 record and a #12 national ranking in the final NJCAA poll in 2015. Emory recorded 23 tackles, 5.5 sacks, and 13 tackles for loss of 67 yards his sophomore season at Lackawanna.

He was recruited by teams such as Georgia Southern, Southern Miss, and Idaho before choosing Arkansas State. In 2016 he redshirted and participated on the scout team. In 2017, Dajon was the Athletics Director’s Honor Roll member off the field. On the field, he played in 11 games as a reserve role on the defensive line. Emory completed the season with 10 tackles and recorded at least one tackle in six games.

This season, his biggest highlight came against the #1 team in the nation the Alabama Crimson Tide. Dajon Emory recorded a sack on Heisman front-runner quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. In this interview, I get to learn a little more about the Arkansas State football player and Dajon Emory the man off the field.

An Interview With Dajon Emory

Jeremy Austin Grace (JAG): What was your childhood like growing up and how did football or sports get incorporated?
Dajon Emory (DE): Growing up I didn’t have the wealthiest family so it was hard at times, but I have great parents that found a way to get the things me and my siblings needed no matter what. I’m blessed to have the parents I have.

JAG: How was the recruitment experience for you in high school by colleges?
DE: In high school, the recruiting process wasn’t that great. I had all Division 3 colleges looking at me like Delaware Valley and Wesley College until I got recruited by Lackawanna College at the end of my senior year. Which opened up the door for the opportunity to play at the Division 1 level like I am today.


JAG: What was the profession you wanted to do outside of football or still want to do?
DE: Outside of football I want to be an athletic director preferably back home at Woodbridge high school to help kids in my area that are very talented to get recruited better. After traveling all over the country and talking to many coaches, I want younger kids to be able to chase their Division 1 dreams and professional dreams in any sport. I think I would have a big impact on the community back home and in a lot of people’s lives.

JAG: How had the journey so far been for you from Woodbridge High to Lackawanna College to now Arkansas State?
DE: The journey for me has been tough. From being the star my senior year of high school, then leaving home to play for Lackawanna college in Scranton Pennsylvania. I got homesick a lot and not to mention I only played special teams as a freshman. This hurt my pride from being the star athlete to only playing special teams, that really hurt my confidence.

After looking back it only fueled me to go harder, so that following spring and off-season I trained harder than before. Where I had a great spring which led to a great sophomore year with me making first team all-conference and being recruited by many Division 1 schools, I chose Arkansas State University. When I came on my visit the family atmosphere attracted me. I am a very family oriented person and leaving from home to go to Lackawanna it prepared me to leave and come all the way across the country to Jonesboro Arkansas.


My first year here I red-shirted playing behind a guy, Chris Odom who now plays for the Green Bay Packers meant that my playing time would be very slim, so I red-shirted. It helped me out a lot to get bigger, faster, and stronger while also learning the defensive scheme more to help me better prepare for the years to come. My redshirt junior year went okay didn’t play as much as I wanted, but got some minutes being a role player on the team.

It was a role I had to play and I wasn’t being selfish I just played hard every opportunity I got. Now, in my redshirt senior year, things are going great. I’m smarter, bigger, and I am playing up to my potential. All of my hard work is paying off, but it doesn’t stop here I still have NFL dreams after my college career is over.

JAG: What was it like playing Alabama and sacking Tua Tagovailoa?
DE: Playing the #1 team in the country Alabama was a dream come true. I would always watch Alabama games on TV and I finally got my shot to be in that atmosphere. To play against those future NFL guys and I was blessed enough to get a sack vs Tua who is now the Heisman front-runner. It’s a dream come true a real blessing and I can’t stress enough how much of the glory I give to God for even giving me the opportunity to play this game. Also on that stage where I made probably the biggest play of my career!

JAG: What is something you want to do after college football and your plan after you graduate?
DE: After I graduate I want to do an internship to become an athletic director at my old high school and after I go there make an impact. I want to hopefully move up to the college level and be around this sports atmosphere for the rest of my life.

JAG: What is some good advice you would give to people? Good advice in general?
DE: Some good advice I would give people is to never give up on your dreams, no matter how it’s looking just keep grinding. It will all pay off no matter where you are in life, it’s never to late keep your confidence and keep pushing forward, your blessing is coming soon!


JAG: What is one or a few things that you want people to know about Dajon Emory?
DE: Some things I want people to know about me are that I am big on family. I love my family so much and they’re my biggest support system I could ask for. A better one I am also a man of God, he’s my Lord and Savior and I give all of the glory to him. Without him, I wouldn’t be here and I wanna thank everyone else who have supported me throughout my journey and still are. I love everyone who are behind me and I’m not gonna stop chasing my dream until God says it’s my time!

I along with WBLZ Media appreciate Dajon Emory for taking the time to sit down with us. It was a great pleasure and opportunity to do this. We thank you Dajon for giving us an exclusive interview with you and again appreciate you taking the time to do this.


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