Arrow: Why Oliver and Felicity May Be Stronger Apart This Season

Season 7 of Arrow is sure to send plenty of fans to the Psych Ward. If the premiere episode is any indication of what’s to come, it’s time to break out the Pepto Bismol, Zantac and whatever else will ease heartburn. Forget the goosebumps, this season is set to be as intense as any we’ve seen for Oliver, Felicity, Jon, and Team Arrow.

To begin, this will be about the bond of Oliver and Felicity. Like when is it not ever about them? However, over the course of the show, Oliver has been mostly around to protect the ones he loves. But with him in prison, he can’t be that cushion of protection. With Felicity and William supposedly hidden in Witness Protection, they embarked on a new life. But somehow, Diaz was able to track them down and Oliver’s family was almost taken away for good.

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With A.R.G.U.S. swooping in at the last-minute to save the day, Felicity made a decision that will forever change not only her but Oliver as well.

Felicity told Oliver that without the Arrow, she has to fight back. With William in harm’s way, she wasn’t able to protect him. Now, what does that mean going forward, no one knows. Will Felicity do work from behind a computer or will she join the troops on the ground? What this means for Oliver is focus.

With Diaz still gunning for Oliver in prison, he no longer needs to be worried about the outside world. While Felicity is safer with Team Arrow than she is alone, Oliver can now focus on making sure his mind is clear to protect himself from the dangers that are sure to come. In no way am I saying that Oliver and Felicity would be better off divorced. However, in order for them to be reunited, this is their only option.

Felicity has to know that she can defend her family and Oliver has to know with John, Dinah, Curtis, and Rene watching over her, Oliver can rest a little easy knowing she has a fighting chance instead of being isolated in Witness Protection. Yes, there will be dangers but the focus for Oliver and Felicity is returning to one another safely.

Season 7 of Arrow should not turn Felicity in a vigilante, but we should see her become a bit more independent in terms of survival. The two of them together are a great team but this season, Felicity will learn to rely on her instincts more than others. Felicity needs this. Oliver needs this. But most of all, fans of Arrow are craving for this.


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