Denver Broncos: Good, Bad, WTF vs the Arizona Cardinals

For the Denver Broncos, Thursday Night against the Arizona Cardinals was a must win. So much so, that Von Miller presented the Cardinals with bulletin board material. He simply stated, “We are going to kick their ass”. They did just that. The Broncos started fast and ended strong with a 45-10 victory on TNF. What was good, bad, and WTF from that game? Take a look below.

The Good


Miller’s boys had his back. This side of the ball came to play. This defense was on a championship level. Yes, I understand that it was the Arizona Cardinals. They are a team in transition. Nonetheless, the way the defense of the Denver Broncos played last night they could have beat any team in the NFL.


The offense woke up on Thursday. This was the reason they brought in Case Keenum. Although, he did not have to do too much. Having to only throw the ball 21 times is a dream. Especially with the way the QB was struggling. If he can be a game manager and not a game winner, the Broncos will be better off in the short-term.

Emmanuel Sanders

Sander is proving why the Denver Broncos can be without Demaryius Thomas. He is the number one receiver on this team. Now, with the additions of Cortland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton, the Broncos will quickly have one of the best young receiving corps in the NFL.

The Bad


The Denver Broncos lost their starting safety, Darian Stewart with a neck injury. They lost WR DaeSean Hamilton to a knee injury. Royce Freeman and Emmanuel Sanders also went out with ankle injuries. You never want to see an injury to any player. Especially in a blowout victory.



While this game was over before halftime, you still want to limit turnovers. Case Keenum still threw an interception.  Sanders was open on the play too. Keenum just put the ball to the outside as if he was throwing it to Patrick Peterson instead of his WR.

The Denver Broncos played well. They did what a superior team needed to against a lesser opponent. If this game had been close, then there would have been a reason to doubt. The question will now be, can this team carry the momentum over from week to week?

How do you feel about the Denver Broncos victory against the Arizona Cardinals? Leave a comment below.

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