Atypical: Do Sam And Paige Need Each Other?

Paige and Sam are meant for each other. The creators of Atypical didn’t make it easy for us to see that. In the end, the duo helped each other when it mattered most. That’s the sign of a true relationship.

At the mid-point of Season 2, I didn’t like the direction Paige was heading. She came across as a snob, using Sam for her own benefit. When she stood up for him after the yearbook incident, my opinions of her changed drastically.

We learned how committed Paige was to Sam, how much she cares about him, and most of all, how much she valued him as a friend/partner. This shouldn’t have come as a surprise. Although, given the way she treated him in Season 2, it might have been a bit out of left field. There are still feelings for Sam on her end.

Sam, who isn’t afraid, to be honest and blunt, told Paige that he loves her. This is where the storyline for the two ended during Season 2. We know how Sam feels, but what about Paige? Does she indeed love him back? Given they understand each other so well, it’s the perfect match for both.

Paige is really the first girl (aside from Casey and Julia) that Sam trusts. He might be a bit unclear about a casual relationship, but Paige is the one who knows him best. This is why she’s such an important part of his life. We’ve seen how Sam reacted without Julia, could it be the same without Paige?

There’s a lot for Paige to process about Sam’s comment. It might get weird between the two, or it might become more personal. With them going to college, it could be tough to develop a lasting relationship. Both Sam and Paige have come a long way from the first time they decided to be a couple.

Let’s hope Paige realizes she loves Same too. Once he’s committed there’s no turning back. She’s the perfect girl for him. Sam and Paige can’t mess this up, as it’s the perfect situation for both.

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