DC’s Titans: Was it Enough to Carry the Streaming Service?

DC’s Titans finally dropped on their comic book giant’s streaming service this past Friday. In true DC form, the show stuck to a darker, grittier, R rated version of our superheroes. The long-awaited series is the first of its kind for DC Universe but it came out of the gate fighting. A more adult-oriented tone will give the show a bit more freedom for violence and action but will it be enough to draw in more than just the die-hard fans?

From IMDb.Com (season 1 episode 2)

“In search of a safe haven for Rachel, Dick arrives on the doorstep of vigilante heroes, Hawk and Dove.”


The series took a lot of criticism from fans online well before it even premiered. From the costumes, all the way to the infamous “F__k Batman line” fans have dissected every bit of Titans’ promo work. These aren’t the same Teen Titans Go characters they’ve seen on tv. They’re not even the same Teen Titans read in the comics. Sure, they have the same names, back stories, and connections but DC Universe is using the streaming service to develop these characters for a more modern storytelling. Will it be enough or are they drifting too far from the characters origins fans have grown to love? Will this prove the streaming service is worth the extra 75 bucks a year from people’s wallets and already crowded streaming budget?


Episode 1 titles, of course, was titled “Titans” did plenty to cast intrigue into the show. While a good chunk of the show was build up, the action and fight scenes were got the blood going. The hang-up for me is how long it will take to get these characters together. The whole premise of the show is their team up. In a 12 episode season, I don’t want to wait until the end of the last episode to see this team fight together. I don’t even want to wait for episode 6. It’s totally fine if they come together, develop chemistry, and then step out on their own again. However, if they drag out the storytelling then fans could quickly lose interest.

The Batman universe is strong enough to support it’s own shows, even if they’re just the sidekicks of our favorite hero. Even with his many deaths, Robin has been a staple of the Caped Crusader’s story for almost every iteration. Now the focus shifts to Dick Greyson who we all hope to get to see as Nightwing. Can Titans live up to the hype? Check out episode 2 this Friday, only on DC Universe.

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