Denver Broncos: Three Keys for Victory Against the Arizona Cardinals

Last week the Denver Broncos lost a hard-fought battle against the Los Angeles Rams. The deficit that they let build up in the first half was just too much to overcome in the second half. Case Keenum struggled, the defense struggled, and the game looked like it was going to be a route. The Broncos made adjustments and the team looked much better in the second half. This week’s opponent, the Arizona Cardinals may not be as strong. Nonetheless, Denver cannot take them lightly. Hence, here is a look at the keys to a win on Thursday Night.

Run, RUn, RUN

The offensive line of the Denver Broncos is once again struggling to protect the QB. Thus, the way to slow down any pass rush is to have a formidable run game. The Broncos have to capable rookies in Royce Freeman and Phillip Lindsay. Feeding them the rock on a consistent basis will help slow down the pass rush of the Arizona Cardinals. In turn, helping to protect Case Keenum.

Case Keenum

Keenum needs to return to the form that he had with the Minnesota Vikings. I understand that the team around him is different. However, he should not be. Keenum has been as decisive as he was in 2017. He is not being as aggressive with the football as he was in 2017. Once he sees it he needs to let it rip. Doing that will help eliminate the turnovers and get the Broncos offense back on track.

Rush Defense

The run defense of the Denver Broncos has been destroyed over the last two weeks. Thursday night does not get any easier. They face one of the best running backs in the league in David Johnson. If the Broncos run defense does not show up on Thursday night, the Cardinals can do exactly what the New York Jets and Los Angeles Rams have done in weeks five and six.

The Denver Broncos can get back on the winning track in Arizona Thursday Night. They will need their defense on QB to show up to do so. Otherwise, we could be looking a five-game losing streak with the high-powered Kansas City Chiefs on the horizon.

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