Arrow: Has Oliver Suited Up for the Last Time?

Arrow kicked off its amazing seven-season run with a great first episode titled “Inmate 4587”. This episode, in particular, was a shakeup for the Green Arrow due to the events of last year’s season finale. If you haven’t watched already, in an effort to save his friends Oliver Queen admits to being the Green Arrow to grant his fellow vigilantes immunity. In doing so, the Arrow is arrested and sent to prison.


Fast forward to this season, and we see a much less clean-shaved Oliver, wakes up in prison, which of course is the same prison he sent many of the guys he’s caught. Season 7’s first episode so far is the most important for how the rest of the series could play out. Oliver has lost so much in the past seven years that its hard to imagine just how much worse his life can get. From the often celebrated hero to the most hated man in the yard, we’ll end up seeing a changed Oliver Queen.

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