Philadelphia Eagles: Team Needs to Move Nick Foles by Deadline

For the Philadelphia Eagles, the 2018 NFL Season has been less than perfect. It started with Nick Foles filling in for their franchise QB Carson Wentz. Now that Wentz has returned, that regulates Foles back to a reserve role. However, the Super Bowl MVP would like to start in the NFL. Although, doing that with the Eagles is not feasible. That is Wentz’s team. Thus, the one move that the Eagles should make before the trade deadline is to move Nick Foles.

Foles has been with several NFL teams in his seven seasons. The Eagles, St. Louis Rams and Kansas City Chiefs have all acquired his services for one or more seasons. He has started for the Eagles and Rams.

There were multiple rumors in the offseason that had the Philadelphia Eagles moving Nick Foles. However, none of those came to fruition. That was a good thing seeing that Foles had to start the first two games of the year.

Why Should the Philadelphia Eagles trade Nick Foles?

  1. Foles has stated that he wants to be a starting QB in the NFL. That will probably not happen again while he is a member of the Eagles.
  2. His contract is large. Foles is currently the highest paid member of the Eagles. A trade would save the Philadelphia Eagles $8 million on the cap. While they do have an out in the contract for 2019, the Eagles would want to get something their Super Bowl MVP.

You want to get something for a player that has value. Missing the value of Nick Foles would hurt the Philadelphia Eagles more than trading him. Thus, if I were Howie Roseman I would seek a trade for Foles. Trading the young QB will not hurt the franchise. They have a completely viable backup in Nate Sudfeld. He could easily be the number two man behind Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Eagles are gaining ground on the tough start to the 2018 Season. Making a move like this could add to that momentum.

How do you feel about the Philadelphia Eagles making a move at the deadline? Leave a comment below.

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