New Orleans Saints: Can the Saints Afford a Deadline Trade?

The New Orleans Saints are perennially a cap-strapped team. They go into each and every season maximizing their salary cap space. This isn’t always a great strategy. However, for a team in win-now mode, this strategy is acceptable. Eventually, though, the proverbial chickens will come home to roost.

The NFL trade deadline is two weeks away. The Saints are 4-1 and in first place of the suddenly weak NFC South. The Carolina Panthers are down, the Falcons are injury-riddled, and Tampa Bay is in disarray. A deadline trade could put the New Orleans Saints over the top and closer to home-field advantage in the NFC.

Unfortunately for New Orleans, the team only has a little over two million in cap space. That little bit of space severely limits what you can do. The Saints are also lacking in draft capital next year. Green Bay is currently in possession of their first-round pick. The New York Jets have the Saints third-round pick from the teddy Bridgewater trade.


With so little in the way of quality picks and cap space, what can the New Orleans Saints possibly do? One trade that could help them would be Patrick Peterson. The Arizona Cardinals corner is rumored to be on the block. Peterson would be perfect for NOLA. He played at LSU, he fits a position of need, and he is still a high-quality player. However, with a prorated cap hit of over $10-million, that move ain’t happening.


I have no clue if he is available. However, one player that could help the Saints in the stretch run is Washington Redskins tight end, Vernon Davis. Davis is up there in age but he still produces. As the Redskins #2 TE, Davis has only caught nine balls in 2018. But with a manageable cap hit of $3-million (estimated) the Saints could absorb the hit. I would also expect that the compensation would be around a 5th or 6th round pick.

Vernon Davis could add another weapon at a position of need for the Saints. Drew Brees loves a reliable target. Davis can be that guy.

Who would you like to see the New Orleans Saints trade for at the deadline? Let us know in the comments.

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