Carolina Panthers: Team Should no Longer be Considered Super Bowl Contenders

The Carolina Panthers have plenty to like. A defense that has Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis. A quarterback that can make impact plays at every turn and a dual-threat back in Christian McCaffrey.

However, the Panthers are no longer Super Bowl contenders.

1) Inconsistent run game

17-63 yards. In Sunday’s game against Washington, the Panthers dynamic duo of Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey combined to carry the ball 17 times for 63 yards. That won’t work.

Carolina needs to run the ball to help Newton in the passing game.

Versus the New York Giants in Week 5, the Newton-McCaffrey duo had 25 carries for 87 yards and zero rushing touchdowns.

The Carolina Panthers need stability in the run game to achieve glory once again. It might help to cut back on Cam’s carries until a true feature back comes to the forefront.

2) Defensive struggles

If it’s not one thing it’s another.

In their loss to the Washington Redskins, Carolina’s defense allowed Adrian Peterson reach 97 yards rushing.

In the Giants game, Eli Manning threw for over 320 yards and three players had at least 75 yards receiving.


Andy Dalton chucked the ball in the air for 352 yards for the Cincinnati Bengals. The Panthers won that matchup with Cincy, a problem is still a problem.

In a loss to the Atlanta Falcons earlier this season, the Carolina Panthers didn’t sack Matt Ryan once and the QB found three different receivers that made an impact. (Austin Hooper, Calvin Ridley, and Julio Jones combined for 187 receiving yards)

3) Cam Newton has to step up

Newton makes big plays, but a fan can’t always bank on him to pass more effectively as a season ages.

Versus New York, Newton completed 21-35 passes for 237 yards and two scores, he had two interceptions.

Against the Redskins, Newton connected on 27 of 40 throws for 275 yards. He also had two scores and one pick.

Newton has his great days, but he also is up and down as a passer.

He needs help and who knows it might be different if he had more of a number one wide receiver, but that’s a different story for a different day.

Carolina might reach the playoffs this year, but the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints are true Super Bowl contenders.

The Panthers have a lot of work to do to become contenders of the Lombardi Trophy.

Do you think the Carolina Panthers have what it takes to make the Super Bowl? Leave a comment below.

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