Indianapolis Colts: Running Back Should be a Trade Deadline Target

With the NFL Trade Deadline a little over two weeks away, multiple reports have several players available. Many rumors have come out about big-name players being on the block. In saying that, many teams not shopping players could be shopping for a player. The Indianapolis Colts could be one of those teams shopping for a player.

The need for a running back has come to the forefront of this offense. The selection of Marlon Mack last year has proven to be more harm than good. The young back cannot stay healthy. Meanwhile, Nyhiem Hines looks promising. However, he may not be ready to take the full reins at this point.

One player may be available for the Indianapolis Colts. LeSean McCoy has popped up as a name that may be on the block with the Buffalo Bills. If the Bills are serious about moving him, the Colts could be a great place for him to land.

McCoy would give the Indianapolis Colts not only a running back but also a veteran that can bring a locker room together. Pairing him with Andrew Luck can help alleviate some pressure that Luck faces. Much of this pressure is because the opposition does not respect the Colts run game. Therefore, they have their defense pin their ears back and come after the pass.

Adding a player like LeSean McCoy opens up the Colts offense. They will not be predictable on first and second downs. Shady not only can run the ball, but he also can catch the ball as well. This makes defense now have to respect the back out of the backfield along with Eric Ebron and T.Y. Hilton.

LeSean McCoy can also give the Indianapolis Colts a two-headed monster. They can then have Marlon Mack become a third-down back. A role in which he seems more suited for in the end.

Reports are out that Shady will not be traded. However, everyone is available for the right price. A trade for LeSean McCoy may not cost the Indianapolis Colts a lot. It seems as though the Bills are moving towards the youth movement. Indeed unloading a vet like McCoy would be a step towards that.

How would you feel if the Indianapolis Colts traded for LeSean McCoy? Leave a comment below.

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