GLOW: Can Debbie (Liberty Belle) Keep It Together in Vegas?

What does the Vegas show mean for Debbie and her child? Being away from him for such a long period means her ex-husband
will be his primary caretaker. Can Liberty Belle succeed at being both a mother and a star wrestler on GLOW?

We’ve already seen Debbie crack under the pressure of being both mom and wrestler. She’s lost it. While her life might finally be at a good point, the Vegas residency changes the game a bit. Now, she’ll only see her kid one or two times a week if she’s lucky.

Liberty Belle is a role model for young girls everywhere. She’s not supposed to have these mental breakdowns. Her character is all about overcoming the odds. Debbie is the star of GLOW. As she goes, so does the show. If she’s on edge, it sets a dangerous precedent for the other women.

I fully expect Vegas to play a role in Debbie’s well-being. The stress and glamour of the bright lights of Vegas will weigh on her. She’s going to turn to a dark place. This will lead her to out of control times for Season 3. Not having her child around will be the tipping point for her.


Debbie needs someone in her life to guide her. She’s so lost with the divorce, her kid, the demanding work schedule, nothing can go right. She and Ruth seemed to make amends during Season 2. Having Ruth around will be a support system behind Debbie when things get bad. It still might not be enough.

The stresses of motherhood and balancing a career aren’t natural for Debbie to overcome. She’s trying her hardest to be a good mom and support herself. Seeing her child grow close to her ex-husband will be harder than any wrestling move she’s ever done. This isn’t going to be a smooth transition for Debbie.

We’ve seen the worst from Debbie. There’s no reason except pure jealousy and anger that she broke Ruth’s leg. That’s all contributed to her mental breakdown of Season 2. It’s unlikely things get magically better in Vegas. They’ll be tough days for her. Her goal is to keep it together for the sake of the show.

It can be expected that Season 3 of GLOW will focus on the Debbie storyline quite a bit. The pressures of being a single mom away from her first-born. How will this affect her career? You can’t say Debbie isn’t a strong person on the inside, as she’s fought off a lot of personal demons. This will indeed be her hardest fight.


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