Denver Broncos: Good, Bad, WTF vs the Los Angeles Rams

The Denver Broncos entered Sunday’s game with the Los Angeles Rams on a two-game losing streak. Now, after what was looking like a promising season, the team has lost three straight. Now the fans are beginning to become restless. Thus, they are calling for the firing of Vance Joseph and Chad Kelly to be the starting QB. Will that help this struggling team? The first might but not the latter. Therefore, I do not see that happening anytime soon. What happened in Sunday’s loss? Let’s look at the Good, Bad, and WTF.

The Good

Pass Rush

The Denver Broncos pressured Jared Goff on the day. They recorded five sacks with that pressure. It was also the breakout performance of Bradley Chubb. He had three of the five sacks on the day. While this pass rush was able to make Goff uncomfortable at times, it was not enough on the day to get the win.

Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders was electric on the day. So much so that he received a taunting penalty on what looked to be a TD catch of 44-yards. However, replay deemed that Sanders was down at the one. The penalty thus cost the Broncos the ball at the one. They would have scored easily at that point. Instead, they stalled and settled for a 28-yard Brandon McManus FG. Sanders finished the day with 7 receptions for 115 yards and 1 TD on 10 targets.

The Bad

Rush Defense

The Denver Broncos got abused on the ground once again. Last week against the New York Jets, the Broncos defense was abused for 323 yards on the ground. Once again, the Rams did the same thing. They gashed the Broncos defense for 270 yards on the ground. 208 of those yards were from Todd Gurley alone. That vaunted Denver defense is looking a little weak at this point of the season.

Offensive Line

The Broncos may have addressed the issues with the starting offensive line but they did not address the depth. Here they are struggling once again trying to protect the QB. Their RBs are having to work extra hard in trying to find holes to run through as well. If there is a chance of turning this season around, it has to start with finding some depth on the O-Line.


Vance Joseph

He wanted to be more involved. Therefore, he wanted to take over the play-calling duties on the defense. That is all good and maybe this is where he is meant to be. Especially seeing that Joseph was just a coordinator for only one year prior to becoming the head coach for the Broncos. The defense was a little more aggressive at times on Sunday. I think right now the duties of being an HC may be too much for the young coach.

The fortunate thing for the Denver Broncos is there is no time to dwell on this loss. They have a short week with a game coming up this Thursday. The unfortunate thing is that being the road team on Thursday night doe not always bode well.

Next up for the Denver Broncos is the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football.

How do you feel about the Denver Broncos after six games? Leave a comment below.

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