Charmed: Despite Race, New Show Still Stands For Sisterhood

To do a reboot of a popular series, the studio has to make sure they do everything correct. A reboot of Charmed is not the same as ABC offering up a new Rosanne. When the news first dropped that Charmed was going to reboot route, not only fans felt a bit unnerved but so did some of the original cast. And rightfully so. The original was beloved and the thought of starting over without a mention of the original 3-4 sisters just didn’t seem right.

But still, times have called for changes in the entertainment world and boy oh boy, did CW change it around.

For starters, the cast is slightly different. The original Halliwell sisters where mainly white while the new Vera sisters are representing the Hispanic/Black witches. But that’s not the only difference. As time changes in the world, so does views. The original cast had to deal with the usual boding, sister fights, boyfriends, kids, and marriage. The new cast has social injustices, same-sex relationships, and possibly a few racial issues to touch upon.

Despite that, we should expect more of the same from the reboot with a few twists here and there. Now, what fans have to remember, is that it’s just the name alone that’s a reboot. Charmed is a brand, but who’s to say the story couldn’t change? Why would there be another Phoebe, Prue, Paige, or Piper? That’s not what we need. While the powers are the same, these are three totally different women.

If the first episode is any indication, this show will be filled with humor, bonding, and demons but the key will be how the sisters handle their Whitelighter Harry. In the original, Phoebe fell in love with their protector, got married and started a family. To go that route again would be foolish and that may be the reason Melanie was given the lesbian role.

As for her sisters, Macy appears to have a love interest with her friend and Maggie seems too young for Harry.

But this is still a show about the sister’s bond. Much like the original after the death of Prue, these three women must get to know one another. While Maggie and Melanie grew up together, the addition of half-sister Macy may threaten to destroy their bond. But what worked in the pilot, was that there weren’t many “she doesn’t belong here” moments.

Will it last? Probably not as they will learn more about one another and some secrets will be revealed, but in the end, just as it did with Paige, it will all work out.

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