The Flash: Will We Get to the Show’s Biggest Mystery?

Season 4 of the hit CW series The Flash introduced us to the daughter of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen. Now that season 5 has premiered we’ve got a little bit of a backstory on the newest addition to the Flash family. As per the usual, every addition of character adds just as much intrigue. Sure most people are going to focus on this season’s latest villain as well, but most of the focus will be pointed at Nora.


Once we discover she’s a speedster herself, fans are quickly led to believe she’ll be most like her father, Barry. Spoiler Alert, Nora from the future easily shakes off those supposed rumors. She tells Barry that sometime in the future, the Flash disappears which we’ve known since season one. However, it’ll be the later reveal that shows not only is Barry gone, but he may also be gone for good. Nora goes on to show Barry not only the first article where Flash goes missing, but another one is showing he’s been gone for over 25 years.


While there was a couple of cool name drops this episode and the tease of the Flash Museum one thing causes a giant red flag when it comes to the show. Each season distracts us from the obvious and distances itself from the big reveal. The fact of the matter is Barry is gone well into the future. That should cause a big concern for fans. No, not for the safety and well-being of everyone’s favorite speedster. Unless Legends of Tomorrow can take us to the future, can the show outlast that storyline?

Right now the wave of superheroes is hot. With plans for new movies coming out over the next couple of years and new shows popping up each season, can The Flash outlast the superhero fatigue? What if we never get to find out what happened to Barry? Did he die? Has he been kidnapped? What if he’s trapped on an alternate Earth. The Flash has done a terrific job entertaining us over the past four seasons, with content to distract us from that fact. However, they also keep circling back around. If this is their big end-all story, we need to see it through. Does the Flash have enough meat left on the bone to carry this story for a few more seasons? Or will viewers be left in the dark?

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