Captain Marvel: Is There Cause for Concern?

Captain Marvel more than likely will be Marvel Studio’s next big hit. Since partnering with Disney the duo can do no wrong. Even the few minor bumps and bruises along the way, turn out to be blockbuster gold. Whatever formulas they’re using can’t go wrong. Even as they’re late to the party with the first female lead solo film there’s still so much hope and anticipation for their next film.


Now that they’ve leveled the playing field in their latest film Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel is taking a step back in both story and time to release Captain Marvel. Taking place in the 90’s, Captain Marvel looks to rewind the timeline and take us back to a pre Infinity War timeline. With a couple key characters returning to the big screen such as S.H.I.E.L.D Agents Phil Coulson and Nick Fury we have to wonder just who else might turn up in the solo film? Obviously, we won’t see too many of our biggest heroes as it could take away from the overall continuity, but maybe almost anyone could be possible for a split-second cameo.

However, the biggest red flag for Captain Marvel has to be time. Not only in the sense of the timeline of continuity but the runtime of the film itself. Just how creative can the Marvel Studios writers get with a pre-Avengers timeline? Their story needs to not only be compelling enough to stand out on its own two feet but be the perfect bridge to Carol Danvers’ role in the next Avengers film. More than likely, her role in the next installment was carefully planned with the release of her film as well. However, you have to wonder if they’ll rush through her story to set up the fourth Avengers, or spend too much time and not transition well.

One thing’s for sure, the next Avengers movie, no matter the title, will be the passing of the torch to the next generation of Marvel films. With rumors swirling of Captain Marvel being at the forefront of their plans, her solo film needs to be a blockbuster smash.

After a decade of proving they can create the most compelling stories and not steer us wrong, it’s almost guaranteed this film will be a tremendous success. Even if they’re battling themselves, Marvel won’t stumble this close to the finish line on a film that has such an impact. Could Captain Marvel break their own previous records heading into the fourth Avengers film?

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